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Cricket League Charity Event There is growing interest in Tape Ball Cricket in Bay Area, CA. A local cricket league has organized tournaments. All donations for this will go to SKF

$100.00 every month

BASIC MEMBER Sacrificing one cup of morning coffee is one less Out of School Kid!

$5.00 every month

$60.00 every year

SILVER MEMBER Join SKF"s Healthy Diet Giving and Hygiene Program For The Kids!

$10.00 every month

$120.00 every year

GOLD MEMBER Helps One More SKF Kid Transition To A Regular School Program

$25.00 every month

$300.00 every year

PLATINUM MEMBER Support Different SKF Educational Grooming Center Projects

$50.00 every month

$600.00 every year

STAR MEMBER Support 5 Kids in "SKF Raising Star" Kids Scholarship Program

$100.00 every month

$1,200.00 every year


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